SAP Support 

 SAP Application Management Services


SAP Application Management Services aims to ensure the proper functioning of the application from the functional point of view, as well as adapt to the new needs that arise in its life cycle. Technical support is covered by SAP, but related requests can be channelled by the SAP application management team.

What do we offer from ZGENMIND?

  • Deliver “ad hoc” managed services with SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreements with which we commit ourselves to meet time and quality deadlines with the client.

  • Maintain high customer satisfaction.

  • Improve the technical and functional capabilities of customers.

  • Improve departmental decision making.

  • Complete the life cycle management of IT applications, that is, a 360 model for daily operations.

  • Optimize processes for subsequent cost reduction.

  • Services applicable to various business areas and technological environments



It includes all the tasks related to incident management including the analysis and correction of all those reported by users, which may be caused by:

Application malfunction.

Incorrect user operation



Development of new functionalities or modification of existing ones due to new needs raised and that may have their origin in:

New business requirements.

Changes in legal regulations

ZENMind offer its services of SAP Application Maintenance Support on Turnkey Services, taking account of all the needs of customer support or in a Break/Fix model on demand.

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