SAP Quality Assurance

SAP ERP is a software solution that seeks to enable organizations reap the many advantages of integration and efficiency that underscore enterprise resource software. But the confidence in this robust solution can be diminished if the implementations of improvements or adaptations are not carried out with the necessary level of quality.

In the context of SAP ERP implementations, the purpose of quality assurance is to increase the level of confidence of the interested stakeholders of a client organization that the SAP ERP implementation was conducted in accordance to the ASAP implementation methodology or roadmap.
ZGEN Mind have the knowledge, the experience and the methodology to provide to its customers best in class SAP Quality Assurance & Management Service.

What advantages will you get with the SAP Quality Assurance Service?


Cost reduction in operation, deployments, machine consumption, maintenance and operational business time.


Time and cost reduction in future migration projects.


Improvements regarding the relationship with users, being able to create a better user experience.


Reduction of Application Maintenance times.
Reduction of problems or issues on productive systems due to erroneous deployments.

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